9 Dark Driving BGMs from Crowd Crawl Quest

9 Dark Driving BGMs from Crowd Crawl Quest

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Since I have found so many great assets here I thought I would give back!

Here are 9 lossless tracks from the game I'm working on. They are all loopable and relatively short. There are previews for every track but one. The previews are the entire track. Again these are bounced to be looped, so no need to add any fades to prevent clicking on loop.

The zip contains wav files but the longest track is 2:28 and all the others are under 2:00.

These were made in Ableton Live using a variety of materials. I was going for a hybrid sound using some chippy synths alongside sampled drums and drum machines and lots of electro elements. They are mixed to be punchy and loud!


Wzzard BGMs.zip Wzzard BGMs.zip 170.4 Mb [114 download(s)]