Adventurer-militia-peasant low poly

Adventurer-militia-peasant low poly


This model is a low-level adventurer with all the props, or a militia with just shield and sword, also included working tools to turn him into a working peasant.

It has 2841 Vertex and 2772 faces, layer 1 have the model, layer 2 have different tools that are switched with layer 1 depending on animation, layer 3 have cameras and lights.


1-210 Idle

211-250 Attack1 (slash)

251-270 Attack2 (sword thrust)

271-285 Shield Block

286-310 Cheering

311-333 Death1 falling forward (first on knees and then ground)

334-345 Death2 Falling backwards

346-375 using pitchfork

376-390 using shovel

391 Holding Scythe (just a still pose)

395-415 Walk

Textures (jpg and psd-photoshop source inside rar file) and animations done by me, using BLENDER 2.49, base mesh obtained from here: (cc-BY-SA 3.0)

The model has rigged eyes and mouth (no teeth thougth) and hands, animation was done by rotating bones since im not used to advanced rigs. Background used for photo: (cco)

Contructive criticism is very welcome since i plan to do more of this guys as part of a maybe very ambitius personal game project. Being this the basic human unit that can promote to different warrior classes. I really learned a lot about modelling, texturing and animating working on it, this my best model up to date, so enjoy!

(farmworking animations are a bit lacking but i think sufficient )

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