Auditory Cheesecake's TwentyEP for r/gamedev

Auditory Cheesecake's TwentyEP for r/gamedev

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"Hey guys! I just released a collection of 20 songs specifically for you all here at r/gamedev. All of the songs are free to use and all of them are released under CC BY so feel free to use any of them in your commercial releases free of charge. You’ll find a diverse selection of music that spans across many different styles of games. I hope you find something you like!

It’s awesome having a subreddit like this that is very friendly and goal-oriented. I absolutely love making music and I thought this would be a nice way to contribute to this community, especially when many of you do have the money to finance audio for your games.

If you end up using any of my tracks in your game, all that I ask is that you credit me (, let me know if you use it (so I can play it!), and consider me the next time you need audio work done for a project.

If you have any questions about these tracks, making music, or any inquires please let me know either here or via email (

For your convenience I’ve collected all the tracks into one download link, offering you both WAVs and MP3s:

(TwentyEP WAVs Download)[]

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