Awake! (Megawall-10)

Awake! (Megawall-10)

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A breakbeats/trance song very upbeat that could be used for battle music or an intense sequence. I made this for my site but never used it. It also loops perfectly.


This is for my game Pixelsphere I'm sharing some of my assets (art, sound effects and music) with the community to thank you for all the great content you have contributed. Let me know which works you find useful and I will share more similar content.

My game and soundtrack are 100% free -- there's over 50 great songs on the soundtrack, plus I have more fun trance/ambient music on for free --- you can stream it on my website anytime with the built in player.

I also made 40 Sonic The Hedgehog remixes in trance/ambient style you can stream them or download all of them free:

Please contact me if you use my music, I'd love to see your project and give you a shoutout on my website! Much of the music on you may use for free in your game if you contact me for permission and join my mailing list:

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