Banker bot

Banker bot

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This was intended to be Pennington, the ambulatory teller machine in the game "Tempest in the Aether", but they decided at the last minute that they wanted to redo it from scratch, so now it's here for whoever wants it.  This bot is made with a brass keypad, a speaker, a camera eye, various slots for receiving and dispensing things, and a vault on the back for loading/unloading.  You might recognize the vault from somewhere else.  There are also a pair of stiff and clunky legs for moving about awkwardly.  The concept is basically what would happen if the Gonk robot from Star Wars had a baby with an ATM in a steampunk universe.

Since the work was cut short before it could be finished, this bot has no textures except for the procedural ones in Blender, and it's not even UV mapped, nor is animated.  It has a rudamentary rig, and there is an alternate/abandoned pair of legs (think Bender from Futurama) on a separate layer, along with a rig for them.

I hope somebody finds a use for it, since I surely don't have one.

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