Tempest in the Aether

Tempest in the Aether


Tempest in the Aether, war, overhead. They melted down the swords to make cannon and on it went. The harsh squeal of metal glorious in our ears. We seek the heavens, they answer with terror and wonder.

-Dr. Xanadu

Tempest in the Aether takes us out of our caves and into the Solar System. Brass and steam, rayguns and aether-drives propel us into space. Vast clockworks drive the engines of our Martian friends, while acid-eating Venusians plot the destruction of our earth from their overheated rock. Her Majesty's airships gather even now to meet the Venusian fleet.

Welcome to Tempest in the Aether, a steampunk mmorpg space-saga set in 1899. Think of space as imagined in Victorian fantasy, coupled with the tremendous body of knowledge we have now about our solar system intermingled and you get the idea.

Tempest in the Aether is now under construction and we wanted to share a bit about our plans, and open the door to new contributors.

We will be building Tempest in the Aether in modules. Each module will be complete unto itself to express a narrative story arc. Currently we are working on an in-house demo of Tempest in the Aether specifically for the devs and contributors of Tempest in the Aether, so that we can see our work in action. More information about the first module can be found here.


Please visit us on IRC! We can be found at #tita. A simple way of logging on to IRC would be via http://webchat.freenode.net/ just pick a nick and type in #tita for the channels box.