BGJ asset Dump

BGJ asset Dump


The bacon game jam was extreemely fun. It is now time to give back to the community the fruits of my labor. Here is all of the 2d art I did for the Bacon Game Jam 06.

note: tileset2.png was a pre-jam art asset for practice. It can be used for the gameboy jam as it is only 4 colors.

You can play the Bacon Game Jam game here:


Attribution Instructions: 
Use the tag Blarget somewhere on a text file or readme or credits. What ever suits your needs.
characters.png characters.png 5.2 Kb [2151 download(s)]
jamo63.png jamo63.png 4.7 Kb [1777 download(s)]
jam06.png jam06.png 5.4 Kb [1501 download(s)]
jamo62.png jamo62.png 6 Kb [1462 download(s)]
menu.png menu.png 4.9 Kb [1392 download(s)]
tileset2.png tileset2.png 3.2 Kb [1987 download(s)]