Briswak MMORPG (Test Server Online)

Briswak MMORPG (Test Server Online)


I am creating a interesting MMORPG using a neat game engine I found while surfing the net. Feel free to check it out.

I am a hobbiest game developer and blender/fragmotion artist with outstanding idea's and dedication. I could use some help. Also interested in helping out you all aswell. I am animating the Night Demon model with blender 2.50+ and would be more then willing to submit the animation for free. My thanks to OGA.ORG for the use of some of these models I found here. Most humbly, this hobbiest gamer and artist.

I have recently done quite a bit to the engine. Some things have never been done before. Soon to add new char animations, and Zepplin, A flying boat as a second means to fast transport (you can mark a spot and instantly teleport to it along with your party).

I added Ground Icon animation to 60% ground models as a test with the intention of adding animations to all ground icons. And look forward to adding many of's artwork to the system. I have recently designed a perpetual energy generator designed in real life and look forward to submiting it to the us patent office. Although I conclude my generator to be a 1 phase. And the production model is 2 phase using propulsion and repulsion. While mine if I can patent it use's a different system. For about 2000 bucks ill be able to power my house for like 20 years for free,

So while I build my prototype I am studying animation in fragmotion. (note when I was 13 I blueprinted the famous railway megnetic control system along with about 100 sword blue prints in a 0.002 of a inch format (4 years before it was patented in my exact same format from some newbs in germany). I then later became a expert fabricator, machinist and bladesmith.

Then my mom through the box away when I was at army basic training studying to become a fined tuned metal worker and machinist. That was about 3 years before the magnetic railway system was patented. I was 13.... Man I wish I knew about patents back then. Even so I have a new Perpetual Energy Generator I am submitting to the patent office. If this works ill be a creator of a perpetual motion machine and enter world wide history. My engine is stable on all aspects and compatable for speed above a lathes (It can run a space staton for 40 years for less then 2000 dollers).

I am very excited about it and even if I can't patent it I will have free power forever with this invention. And since nobody can tell me I cant make it. I am free to create any invention I want even if the technology is patented. As patent only apply to production, any private inventions made can be used for anything. The funny part is at like age 14, I thought about this while playing a game with some kind of magic I pushed towards a Metal block or something. I was like hey we can make force from nothing using natural energy ect... Back then I could of made a toy and showed it to a patent office... Can you say richer then bill gates.

Anyway this is off base. The concept is though my game will pwn for the simple reason I can do anything imaginable with anything. I will make it happen! This game will continue to evolve and expand. 

P.S. Server is Dedicated for testing purpose. Updates are coming weeky if not daily.