Cute Robot

Cute Robot

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Cute Robot
Concept by: Buch
3D By: Quandtum
License: CC BY-SA.
Blender Version: r42779
Model Version: 1.0

Hopefully I did modeled the concept well enough to not disappoint Buch.  I unfortunately had little time to do this project, but I really like the concept art at and the work being done there and I was hoping to promote more contributions.  This one seemed easy enough to create while blowing the dust off my rigging knowledge (about a year rusty).

Blend contains one object mesh. Base mesh is manifold and has 1012 vertices, 2034 edges and 1020 faces.  This admittingly would have been much easier to rig if not manifold, but, should work better in a game now.  There are admittingly a few extra edgeloops in the legs (that could potentially be removed), but there were some difficulties in softbody meeting hardbody there.

Maps included (Diffuse, Normal, and Specular) are all 1024×1024 jpg and can be rescaled to suit specific needs.  Toon shaders was used, but maps ought do realistic just as well.

As I was rusty rigging, I encountered a few troubles (and was too stubborn to look it up)... so if I dorked something up I wouldn't be surprised.  Rig has FK & IK controls (along with switch) for legs (they're the arrows, down for IK, up for FK).  IK spline for the tail works, but may not always update in the 3D display (to get it to update, just pose a bone w/o moving it).

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