Free isometric plants-pack

Free isometric plants-pack


this pack contains 15 different kinds of plants + blend-file:

all models and textures are from yughues, cc0, textures are unchanged

in most cases models are unchanged too.

size is based on 64x32 tiles

1: 6x bamboo

2: 3x big tree

3: 5x bush

4: 4x cactus

5: 5x grass

6: 3x tree

7: 6x palm

8: 8x pine with full snow

9: 8x pine with half snow

10: 8x pine without snow

11: 5x shrub1

12: 5x shrub2

13: 2x swirl

14: 5x tropical

15: 6x weed


File(s): 24.5 Mb [15881 download(s)]