Hack and Slash 2D Avatars

Hack and Slash 2D Avatars


Animated high contrast two color (white silhouette, black outline) characters from an unfinished web game http://gameartsguild.com/hands2d/

With realistic proportions, limited detail and small scale these can work in many game genres and settings. High contrast helps them stand out against any background: light, dark, colorful, noisy, detailed or photorealistic.

Four characters: unarmed, archer, sword/stick fighter, horse rider with spear/lance. Each has running animation and frames for standing, striking, tripping, advancing and retreating (for quick moves where you don't want to start the run loop or turn around) getting hit, dying/fallen/sleeping.

Making the run loop an animated GIF and all the other actions single frame simplifies web programming: one image per state. The images are also cropped so that each frame of the same character has the same dimensions.

Projectiles included. Safe for children of all ages.

Benjamin Galbraith was my martial arts consultant for humanoid poses.

Horse animation based on the zoopraxiscopy of Edweard Muybridge.

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