MV Platformer Skeleton

MV Platformer Skeleton


Another low-res platformer sprite - basically the usual template with the skin, muscle, and other unnecessary organs removed.  Comes in regular and bloody.  Actions:

  • Idle (x1)
  • Standing (x1)
  • Walking (x6)
  • Crouching (x3)
  • High Damage (x2)
  • Low Damage (x2)
  • Crouching Damage (x2)
  • Jumping (x3)
  • Block (Stand, Air, Crouch) (x1)
  • Jab/Punch (Stand, Air, Crouch) (x2)
  • Horizontal Strike (Stand, Air, Crouch) (x3)
  • Vertical Strike (Stand, Air, Crouch) (x4)
  • Air Damage/Falling (x2)
  • KO (x1)

License is CC0 - do as you wish. Feedback or critique is always welcome.

skeletonBase.png skeletonBase.png 11.8 Kb [5964 download(s)]
bloodSkeletonBase.png bloodSkeletonBase.png 11.6 Kb [4000 download(s)]
skelBase.01.xcf skelBase.01.xcf 355 Kb [1969 download(s)]