First version of the game has been completed.

Due to time restrictions - story mode was canned, but 2 game modes are still included (Score attack and Normal (what would have been story mode - but without the story)).

Because of this, some of the graphics below have not been used in the project. I have left them here though in case there is enough interest in the game to create a version 2.



Original Info:



Turning my simple open source isometric demo into a proper game that I will attempt to sell to online game sites.

This Collection will temporarily include both included and maybe art until the project is near completion.


Screen size and design has been changed so that it re-sizes and or scales as needed to fit pretty much any device (in landscape mode).

It will include both a score attack and story mode option.

It will HEAVILY use Clint Bellengers Flare artwork.

It will include a HTML5 Canvas Credits screen that I created as Canvas does not do this easily (unless you use the DOM) - it includes clickable links back to artwork/websites (like this one).

My first test use of the Credit screen is on my website - where I am testing other features including online chat.