Orc FLARE sprite sheets

Orc FLARE sprite sheets


These are the rendered sprite sheets from http://opengameart.org/content/orc-flare-3d

This includes four different sprite sheets -- regular orc, orc archer, orc heavy infantry, and orc elite.

As with the other entry, credit goes to both Clint Bellanger and to me, and you must include a link to OGA if you use this work.


Edit: Fixed the shadows.

orc_archer_0.png orc_archer_0.png 1.5 Mb [1725 download(s)]
orc_elite_0.png orc_elite_0.png 1.7 Mb [1276 download(s)]
orc_heavy_1.png orc_heavy_1.png 1.5 Mb [1150 download(s)]
orc_regular_0.png orc_regular_0.png 1.3 Mb [1258 download(s)]