Platformer Art: Xeno Diversity

Platformer Art: Xeno Diversity


This is an extension of Kenney's excellent expansion to his original platformer art pack. The expansion added two new types of aliens, in two new colors. One of my ideas calls for teams, however, so I figured since the aliens looked different anyway, each one of them could function as a "class" and I could use the color to differentiate the teams.

For that, I needed each alien in every color, and here they are. They could be used for more than teams though, the various colors could also serve in a player customization mechanic of some sort. There are six colors (I added purple), and five alien types, so thirty aliens altogether, all fully animated and sorted into folders for easy browsing. I also included sprite sheets for each color of alien, and a master sprite sheet as well. I probably should have also included sheets for each individual alien. Let me know if someone needs this, and I'll add it.

Some of the sprites may be a slightly different size than the original sizes - I'm talking about differences of one or two pixels. This is because I use Inkscape for my vector work, and I think Kenney uses something else. I used the default export options, and they were pretty close to the originals, so I went with it.


  • Separate PNG sprites (390x)
  • Spritesheets (7x)
  • Vector files (7x SVG)

Kenney's been doing some excellent work for the independent development community, and I'd like to support him in that endeavour. Extensions of his art help everybody out, but you can also help him out simply by liking his Facebook page and telling your friends about his work.

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