Ske (Supertux3D)

Ske (Supertux3D)

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I made a bunch of characters for a supertux game, but others quit the project early, really early.

I figure I might as well release these unfinished models to the public.  If you'd actually like to make this game, I'd be fully in favor of this, and would support your team as much as possible.  I joined them after the tux model, so I'm not releasing that.  If possible, think of a better name, "SuperTux3d," I didn't really like it.

Most of the files aren't "public ready" meaning some of the textures have imperfections, all of the topology is mid teir at best, about none of it is rigged, I'm just packing the files in and letting them go.

I named this one after a popular arcade game, after I thought it's be fun to pick him up and throw him like a bowling ball.

If you notice any technical errors I'll try to fix them, for artwork you might eb on your own.

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