Theo the Teddy

Theo the Teddy

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Your generic mammal for platform jump-and-run games.

Serving suggestions:

  • Could have been a cat or mouse as well.
  • May be adjusted to represent about any mammal.
  • Drag some vertices around with attract-near-tool to change nears and nose.
  • Modelling T-pose and rigging in MisfitModel 3D.
  • Be sure to make bigger heads for smaller resolution sprites!
  • Remove invisible polys and reduce polycount for realtime.
  • Vary outline thickness for your resolution and taste.
  • Apply different color schemes but keep them distinctive.
  • Color rotation can be used on bitmaps after rendering to get 'new' characters.
  • Applicable downto about 24x24 pixel sprites.
  • You may wish to rig the eyes.

Further Advertising:

  • Generate pixel-art'ish sprites in gimp nearly automatically.
  • No single stroke.
  • Layers and readme with information on the process.
  • Just layer operations and filters.
  • Could probably be done fully automatical with scripts and imagemagick.
  • The future of sprite compilation from highres bitmaps.
  • Automate your art pipeline.
  • Infinite sprites from single 3d model.
  • Secret method! Don't tell.

Obj- and MS3D-File included.

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