Try Again

Try Again

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This is a song I made in FL Studio.

I imagined it could be used for a Game Over screen of a more child-friendly game or it could be used when solving puzzles... of course it can really be used for anything. Those were just what I had in mind while making it.

Also, the attached file is a loop and does not fade out like the one in the preview. Now all you have to do is place it in your project and tell it to loop and it will loop perfectly.


Note: I'd appreciate it if you only used this in not-for-profit works, but you still can if you really want to. Also keep in mind that if you'd like a completely orignal song similar to this, just contact me and I can create a brand new song tailored specifically for your prooject.

Hear examples of my other work here.

Thanks for checking it out.


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Please place this in the credits "This project contains music created by David McKee (ViRiX)" Thanks.
Try again LOOPED.wav Try again LOOPED.wav 6.3 Mb [308 download(s)]