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According to OGA, I joined 4 years and 7 months ago. Right before I joined, I made a post asking if people would help me make a game (obviously naive and foolish in retrospect). But when the crushing reality that other people have priorities of their own set in, I decided to just do everything myself. So I learned to program, and write music, tried to learn how to draw, but just couldn't put enough time into it to get any good. I found one other crazy person to help with writing, story ideas and some music.

The link below is to a *.jar file that can be run on PC and Mac; it is the product of almost 5 years of sweat, blood and tears; it is the beta version of a text adventure (without the ability to draw, I figured this was the best way to proceed). On the final day of April 2017, we'll launch it on GooglePlay.

I'm not asking anyone to join the team and help me make a video game, but I'd sure appreciate it if you could play around with it and give me your opinions on it. The scope is too large for me to make everything work perfectly, but it's close enough that I think it's playable. Any help in finding things that are broken (e.g., bugs, awkward turns of phrase, UI elements that are frustrating, etc.) would be appreciated.



P.S. For those who want to know what it's about, really the closest thing I can call it is a sentience-acquisition simulator. There are 6 distinct personalities and you gain affinity with the different personalities vai your actions and choices. We tried to make each choice compelling, so that people could legitimately be rewarded even for "mistakes". If you have any other questions, please post here and I'll do my best to answer.

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