Project Genesis indie game project seeking concept art

Project Genesis indie game project seeking concept art

I must be crazy for posting a request for help on a commercial project, on a forum for open game projects.

TL;DR: We're making a game to make money, but we don't have any to start, so we need some free help to get off the ground. Artists, mostly.

Have a copypaste from our teaser trailer description:

In the year 2112, scientists of the Genesis Mars colony find remnants of extraterrestrial life during a surface expedition. They take samples back to the lab for reconstitution. Less than fourty-eight hours later, the colony goes dark, leaving nothing but a grainy mayday transmission. Anyone left alive is completely on his own, for help is a month's rocket trip away.

Project Genesis is an upcoming indie survival horror title from the North American startup, Form and Function Studios. This game has ambitious endeavors to compete where other titles have done well, and shine where others have fallen short.

The developers have no formal training, and will more or less be learning as they go, relying heavily on the miracles of volunteers and open source software along the way. They approach this momentous task with an introspective philosophy: to never be happy with flat, boring, glitchy, or buggy gameplay, and to listen to the players.


And an outdated teaser trailer:

As you can tell, we're really hurting for artists of all kinds. We really could use some concept art for marketability, but texture artists, modelers, animators are all welcome, too.

Powered by the Crystal Space engine, a free and open source 3D framework.

We're all about open source works (partly since we're probably going to be bumming off them for quite some time :P), but we really do hope to contribute back to projects we've utilized, like Crystal Space.

Since this is a commercial game, if it sells well, there might be some good money in it for those involved. I AM NOT GUARANTEEING ANY FINANCIAL COMPENSATION, TO ANYONE. EVEN MYSELF!

Sorry, I have to make that disclaimer so there's no misunderstandings in the forseeable future.

Have a facebook page:

Drop me a line at if you're interested. 

We also could use some coders with experience in C++. Sound designers and voice actors in the future, but not right now.