Shinobi Densetsu

Shinobi Densetsu

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Hi fellow OGA users. I have a lot to thank you. When we decided to remove the ripped graphics from our game, your assets were first choice and first quality. You can find them all over. Either in full, partially used or frankensteined, OGA assets boosted up our rip removal phase by 1000%. Today only few rips remain and we have them cornered. v0.3 is scheduled to come out in August 15, and I must admit, i'm kind of scared, in a good sense. The game is gaining a dimension never before seen. Our 2 graphic artists (1 here) are overloaded.

The game is to be always free, so free assets are our main concern. If you are interested in joining the party we need a lot more than artists, but that's bigger fish...


I'm here to present our brainchild. I'll let you see some of it, and you decide what it is worth to you.


Looking forward to reading your comments. Cheers :)