Thornbridge Saga - A metroidvania.

Thornbridge Saga - A metroidvania.

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Thornbridge Castle is under attack! 

Monsters have begun appearing out of thin air within the castle walls! The knights of Thornbridge assembled to defend the king in the inner sanctum, but the outer structure collapsed and they were all trapped within, their fates uncertain. Meanwhile, our heroine Vanisa is undergoing a trial to join the knights to follow in her father's footsteps. Now, as the last knight of Thornbridge, can she find a way into the castle to rescue them and find out what happened? Are they even still alive? Who orchestrated this attack, and why now? What are their intentions? How did they get their army inside the castle walls? What does this mean for the future of Thornbridge?

Thornbridge Saga is a metroidvania inspired by classics such as Super Ghouls n' Ghosts, Castlevania, and Zelda: Adventure of Link. Explore landscapes, caves, dungeons and castles. Use strategy and tactics to battle deadly foes. Discover magic items that enable new strategies for battling monsters. Use the landscape to your advantage, or trick monsters into fighting each other. 

I was largely inspired to start development after seeing Jetrel's castle platformer artwork:

Current Status and Future Plans

The basic actions the player can execute are all implemented. Eight different areas are implemented, nineteen different monsters are implemented, and one boss fight is complete. Five different music tracks have been written. A Kickstarter campaign is planned for November. 

How am I making Thornbridge Saga?

Thornbridge Saga is written entirely in C# using MonoGame. I'm writing the music myself. I do a fair amount of art, but visual art is my weakest skill, so I rely heavily on contributions made at and a few talented artists who make their works available on Patreon and

Links and videos:

  Tools I'm using:* MonoGame* Tiled* PyxelEdit* FL Studio  Assets contributors from Open Game Art:* Jetrel* Ansimov* Redshrike and P0ss* surt* dogchicken* Hyptosis* KnoblePersona* PauR* qubodup* Sharm* Gwes* LokiF* mutantleg* rubberduck* xelu* HorrorPen* artisticdude* legoluft* Luke.RUSTLTD* Ogrebane* pauliuw* yd Edit: ul/li tags don't seem to work for lists so I just used asterisks.