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Tuesday, April 14, 2015 - 18:18

Hi Torzan - prob should remove your last couple of posts as well! our conversation had nothing to do with Godot, use this new topic. Thanks


MODS: Feel free to fully hide/delete my off-topic posts here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 - 17:44

Ok - now that I have moved this conversation here, I will reply to your latest post (last section of the post above).


There is 2 ways I can tackle your questions,

1) Try to help you with what you are currently highlighting as coding issues.


2) Try to help you put together a better game 'éngine' concept - but this would require a major code re-write.


So... Here is Help 1) to this question: "I don't actually know where to put the overdrive code in the game just yet, because the code at the moment is in every single screen".

Although Batch Scripting doesn't have functions - you can easily create your own code that will act very similar to a function.

I have put together some example code called funcEg.bat in the same Dropbox location as before:

Code basically does this:

Calls a common 'function' before going to a random 'room'.


You can see the output below - you will see the room number changing - but the common code is always run even though it only exists in 1 place, not in every room.





Going to room: 3

Doing some common code in my ... 'function'.

I am in room 3, do some stuff

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 - 16:48

Boogle Reply:

Game engines (like Unity, Godot etc.) usually define a few concepts automatically, e.g.

1) a viewport concept.

i.e The current area could be HUGE! but the viewport automatically handles what should be visually displayed based on the player/camera position.

2) To code each area, these are often defined as scenes - only the current scene is displayed and processed.

So in fact automatically with the 2 options above you can have both MASSIVE game maps/areas plus MASSIVE scenes in a game engine automatically without having to worry about doing it yourself.


Also, for your progression code. WHY do you work this out each time?

I would have thought the time to do this is when you increment curlvl?

If you must work it out every time - then use a forumla to determine each variable instead of 1000's of lines of code.

Look at sites like this to have a look at the different formula possibilities:

But as I said - just updating the variables each time you level up makes the most sense. 1 line required for each variable and only runs when you level up.



Tozan Reply:

Thanks for helping me to understand it a little better, it Sounds interesting, I thought Games like Morrowind, and Sacred may have been done by using the camera viewport, to draw the screen , I knoq in the Red Editor they used portals brushes instead to tell the engine what to draw on the screen orwhat not to..

I didn't know how to write out the formulas in batch code, that's why I had to I had to do it 1 line at a time. So the updating for monster health, damage, player health and player damage go into the level up section of the code for defining all the level progressions. Okay but soemtimes if I have special progressions, i may have to keep those progressions in the actual screen area.  I use the Random Dice for making the game just pick out a random number (not alwys based on the players current level), sometimes I need the computer to randomly pick an event and trigger it like picking certain foley sounds, or random enemy encounters after you visit a certain area you can revist and something different triggers off. 

I also do this as well when the player dies, pick a random room in the game for the player to warp to. theres about 400 rooms now in the game.

I also needed to get the Overdrive progress bar to increase by 1 point for every monster killed to display the overdrive progress bar no matter where you are in the game so for every 260 or so kills the overdrive fills up the bar and then upgrades itself to a new more powerful overdrive, so there are up to 7 of these bar fill upgrades.... but I don't know how to write that out as a formula. and then just stick it in once place the computer always loops back to so everytime I kill something no matter what screen I'm on in the game the bar ticks up a notch..

And Things like Collecting Dragon Orbs I had to embed that code into all the screens that had the orbs scattered around, its only a very small piece of code of only just abt 5-6 lines long.   so I didn't think that was a big deal to repeat that small piece of code on the screens where the orbs all are.

And because it was written in Batch code using the console to display the graphics in, I had to redraw an extra area the orbs were on one or when you had killed enemies so you could see thier corpses..



Boogle Reply:

ok - I am certainly no DOS/BATCH expert - hardly touched it in the last 10 years...

But a few google searches and I could make it do what I was talking about!

Example test.bat file and result.txt file can be found here:

Dropbox link

Summary of the tests: 

Setting variables using a forumla. (I tried to match your examples you provided above where I could).

Going to random room

Showing a for loop.

 I cound't find any situation where you would need 1000's of lines of code for the examples you provided. If you really want to hard-code a bunch of values outside of what a formula can handle - then dump those unique values into arrays or something rather than 1000's of lines of code. For loops would have also done the job.

Here is a link for some List/Array example use:



Good luck!



Tozan Reply:

I don't actually know where to put the overdrive code in the game just yet, because the code at the moment is in every single screen to make sure that the game is forced to keeps on redrawing the progress bar of the overdrive when I move from screen to screen killing off the monsters manually..

So I got the overdrive code going, problem is, I need to know where in the game to put it, so that it affects every single screen in the game but not force me to have to copy it off into every game screen.  So it has to go in a place where game values are being updated continually but I don't know where in the code that acutally is.   `

This is the code to cycle the bitmaps for the 1st overdrive..  The 1st overdrive is complicated because it cycles alot of bitmaps so the 1st overdrive takes up 260 lines of code..

 if %killcount% EQU 20 insertbmp /p:"lines.bmp" /x:1290 /y:60 /z:80 && sound play barup.wav && sound play barup2.wav

if %killcount% EQU 21 insertbmp /p:"lines.bmp" /x:1290 /y:60 /z:80 && sound play barup.wav && sound play barup2.wav

if %killcount% EQU 22 insertbmp /p:"plasmard.bmp" /x:1215 /y:20 /z:90 && sound play powerup.wav

if %killcount% EQU 22 insertbmp /p:"lines.bmp" /x:1290 /y:60 /z:80 && sound play barup.wav && sound play barup2.wav

if %killcount% EQU 23 insertbmp /p:"lines.bmp" /x:1290 /y:60 /z:80 && sound play barup.wav && sound play barup2.wav

if %killcount% EQU 24 insertbmp /p:"lines.bmp" /x:1290 /y:60 /z:80 && sound play barup.wav && sound play barup2.wav

if %killcount% EQU 24 insertbmp /p:"plasmared.bmp" /x:1215 /y:20 /z:90 && sound play powerup.wav

if %killcount% EQU 25 insertbmp /p:"lines.bmp" /x:1290 /y:60 /z:80 && sound play barup.wav && sound play barup2.wav

if %killcount% EQU 25 insertbmp /p:"plasmaredb.bmp" /x:1215 /y:20 /z:90 && sound play powerup.wav

if %killcount% EQU 26 insertbmp /p:"lines.bmp" /x:1290 /y:60 /z:80 && sound play barup.wav && sound play barup2.wav

if %killcount% EQU 26 insertbmp /p:"plasmaor.bmp" /x:1215 /y:20 /z:90 && sound play powerup.wav

if %killcount% EQU 27 insertbmp /p:"lines.bmp" /x:1290 /y:60 /z:80 && sound play barup.wav && sound play barup2.wav

if %killcount% EQU 27 insertbmp /p:"plasblu.bmp" /x:1215 /y:20 /z:90

if %killcount% EQU 28 insertbmp /p:"lines.bmp" /x:1290 /y:60 /z:80 && sound play barup.wav && sound play barup2.wav

if %killcount% EQU 29 insertbmp /p:"lines.bmp" /x:1290 /y:60 /z:80 && sound play barup.wav && sound play barup2.wav

if %killcount% EQU30 insertbmp /p:"plasmagreen.bmp" /x:1215 /y:20 /z:90 && sound play full.wav

Once you gone through the first 20 cycles. Lines.bmp changes to drawing Linesa.bmp. and that goes al the way up to linesw.bmp for every 20 cycles you go through, so 260 monster killcounts later the bar is all full and then just like Rachet 'n' clank the weapon automatically upgrades.

I had to code it that way for the 1st overdrive because of cycling through all these different plasma color changes as you increase the killcount.  But the 2nd overdrive won't have all those color changes. but just use the only line progress bar to show the overdrive is slowing increasing.

so I might have to write the second overdrive like this:

if %killcount% EQU 260 if %killcount% LEQ 270 insertbmp /p:"linesblank.bmp" /x:1290 /y:60 /z:80 && Rem draw the 1st Bar animation only if the value equals 260 but is not greater than 270)

if %killcount% EQU 270 if %killcount% LEQ 280 insertbmp /p:"linesb.bmp" /x:1290 /y:60 /z:80 && em display the 2nd Bar Animation if the value equals 270 but is not greater than 280).

So it would take up only 26 lines of code instead of taking up 260 lines just to redraw the bar animations for every single killcount value..

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 - 05:52

OFF-TOPIC, moved here.

Monday, April 13, 2015 - 18:41

mold - I would be able to use this image in a CCG type game where I stick a frame on top of the image in code. (so not manipulating the image).

Thanks for the answer though Redshrike - simple answer is no, it isn't allowed here.



Monday, April 13, 2015 - 12:07

OFF-TOPIC, moved here

Thursday, April 9, 2015 - 15:31

Wow! animation and parts!

Looks great!

Thursday, April 9, 2015 - 03:42

Done - Hopefully you will find an artist who can help though - instead of a dev guy. :)


This site is great for resources - but for active art communities and getting help etc. Some of these might be better for that:


If you do ask for help on those forums - perhaps upload some of the original attempts - as this will not only show your original intent/style but encourage them to help.


There are others:

More resources:

Wednesday, April 8, 2015 - 21:38

Actually I like the modifications you made. :)

I will make you a contributor to the platypus entry (link in my previous post) and you can upload your versions to it if you like?

The 2nd logo looks good with transparency.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015 - 17:43

I created this for you, I am not an artist - so I found a public domain image and made the background transparent - showed a color overlay etc.


Sorry that I can't give you an animated sprite - I'm a really bad artist - but perhaps this can be the base for you or an artist to work with?