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Saturday, August 8, 2009 - 17:20

Brigand Armor

Creativity: 40 Execution: 45 Effort: 45

A nice and simple armor that can be used for a lot of things. It is very readable and he did all of the states that were asked for.

Gentleman with a side of steampunk

Creativity: 35 Execution: 30 Effort: 40

Although he could not finish the entire sprite, there was a lot of content that was finish. Overall I like it it. It could have used a little more contrast on the suit maybe even hue shifting.

Starsteels Barabarian/Amor/Claws

Creativity: 45 Execution: 50 Effort: 50

This is one of my favorites entires for this contest. He manage to do two versions of the sprite, and both were very well done.

Paperdolled armor & hair

Creativity: 45 Execution: 50 Effort : 50

This was a nice and simple entry with everything finished, another one of my favorites.

Top Hat

Creativity: 25 Execution: 25 Effort: 15

This is just a piece of the gentelman pack so I don't if this counts.

Trunip Armor

Creativity: 50 Execution: 5 Effort: 5

I think that if this entry would have been finished. This could very well be our winner. Unfurtunely it is not so...

Friday, July 3, 2009 - 14:37

Hi, I just had a few questions in regard of the contest. I'm planing to enter the contest and wanted to do perhaphs a full vampire set (i.e, Hair, cloths, weapon?)and I was wondering, if I would have to split them all up and summit them seperately or could I just summit it as a whole?. Also I wanted to make sure if I can edit the base; change its shading, colors, perhaphs edit some of the frames?
I will appriciate it if you can respond asap, since I want to have time and in the case I can't edit the base I don't want to lose the time I would have spend editing it.

-- MdNight