[LPC] Farming tilesets, magic animations and UI elements

[LPC] Farming tilesets, magic animations and UI elements


Farming tilesets, magic animations and UI elements


LPC submission by Daniel Eddeland


The submission contains:

*Tilesets of plants, props, food and environments, suitable for farming / fishing sims and other games. Includes wheat, grass, sand tilesets, fence tilesets and plants such as corn and tomato. Also includes village/marketplace objects like sacks, food, some smithing equipment, tables and stalls.

*Animations for magic attacks and shields: Fire Lion, Ice shield, Torrentacle (water tentacle), Snakebite and Turtle shell.

*Some UI elements of scrolls and wooden blocks.

*A sword with animation, and a 3-frame "grab" animation, in the "character" directory.


Some of the art in this archive are based on base assets for the LPC competition. At the time of writing

those base assets can be found at:




Attribution Instructions: 
Please attribute creator as Daniel Eddeland. Please include a link to opengameart.org as well (preferably to the submission for this art package) if you use the art.
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