Painted Dreams (Mock-Up)

Painted Dreams (Mock-Up)


This a big orchestral film score I composed for a short scene from a film I was hired to do music for. This is the mock-up version which is entirely made up of virtual/sample library instruments.

I will soon upload the version with real players after the recording and mixing sessions.

This particular cue I used the "overlap" technique where you record two cues separately to save time and money in the studio since these scores are usually done in one take.

Basically you write two separate scores that sound as if it were one continuous score when they are overlapped together.

The reason why this is effective is because in a long cue, maybe towards the end everything is going great but then someone misses a note. Then you would have to go back and start all the way from the top. This is only really useful when doing longer cues.

The overlap of the second cue occurs right at 1:17.

Download the full orchestral score here:

Sample Libraries used:
CineWinds PRO
LA Scoring Strings v2.0
EWQL Pianos
EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Platinum Plus
EWQL Hollywood Brass Diamond
8dio Adagio Violins
Sample Modeling: The Trumpet
Sample Modeling: French Horn & Tuba


Don't forget, I'll be uploading the recording studio version with the live orchestra sometime before the end of the month!


I hope you guys enjoy this track.

Also, if needed I can re-arrange it to best suit your needs.

There are those who might want re-arrangements of this track tailored specific to their project, this is also another good reason to communicate with the author.


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