Golden UI - Bigger Than Ever edition

Golden UI - Bigger Than Ever edition


This is a higher-res version of my previous golden UI.

It was made for a 3d/pixel style collaboration on an action RPG with Julius, Danimal and surt (you can follow this thread on FreeGameDev forums).

There's still something which could be improved (for instance, the minimap is a bit overdithered) and probably I'll be adding some extra stuff later (the glove cursors look pretty bad, but I've not managed to make a good looking one...).

Besides that, the pieces themselves should be pretty self explanatory.

I used Dawnbringer's 32 color palette, except for the orange and yellow colours which come from the 16 color palette (it was not feeling right with the ones from the 32 palette...), so the total colour count is 34.


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Credit me as Buch and link back to my OGA profile page
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