Fantasy UI Elements by Ravenmore

Fantasy UI Elements by Ravenmore


An UI idea for Ancient Domains of Mystery that didn't make the cut. It does have it's downsides, but still should work just fine for prototyping. Best not let it go to waste :) so I added a couple of things and released it into the wild!

Technical details:

- .psd with a smart object inside, so Photoshop will probably be required.

EDIT: Added that pesky smart object as a separate .psd. Hope this helps!

- Exactly what you see in the picture (so no button up/down/hover states yet!). The smart object is roughly 3x larger than the end result, to make editing and scaling easier.

As always I will be keeping an eye on the comments, so if any elements get in the way, are difficult to use/put together or you feel something should be added - just post about it :) I'll do my best to improve the set whenever I find the time.

Feel free to check out the rest of my stuff on OGA :)

Since recently you can also also find me on facebook, twitter and last but not least, the new redesigned website. With DA and Pinterest likely soon to follow. Pick your poison :)

Have fun!

PS. Title font used: Nevis.

Mockup text is ye olde Verdana.


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ADOM-OGA-UI-Deploy.psd ADOM-OGA-UI-Deploy.psd 3.5 Mb [19367 download(s)]
ADOM-OGA-UI-SmartObject.psd ADOM-OGA-UI-SmartObject.psd 3 Mb [14876 download(s)]