Spell Sounds Starter Pack

Spell Sounds Starter Pack


This Pack is intended to be a generic spell sounds starter pack, it should have most everything you need to get your spells sounding the part right away!


It contains:


3 Blessing Spell Sounds

2 Cheering  (for level up and/or achievements)

1 confusion spell

5 curse spells

1 disenchant spell

2 enchant spells

1 entrance spell (perhaps for a dramatic boss entry)

5 explosions

flamethrower spell


force push

2 freeze spells

1 healing spell

1 insect/poison spell

3 interlude sounds (for waiting)

1 magic drop sound

1 magic erase sound

2 magic failure sounds

1 magic shield sound

1 moving sound (i imagine a boss teleporting around with this)

1 pestilence sound (also an upset crowd sound)

1 sand/snake spell

2 shot spells

1 spring/rebound spell

1 steam spell

1 teleport spell

1 transmission sound

3 warp sounds (also useful for teleport)

1 water spell sound

2 wind spell sounds

22 assorted zap type spell sounds


of course these titles are just suggestions, you might find completely different uses for them.  It just helped to sort them during creation.


 All of these sounds were created in Linux MultiMedia Studio and Audactity on Ubuntu 10.10

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