16x16 indoor rpg tileset: the baseline

16x16 indoor rpg tileset: the baseline


Hello everyone!  This was commissioned (quite a while ago) by Bartk for his jrpg project.  It's a rather basic indoor tileset built for a 16x16 grid.  I think it covers the basics pretty well, but of course it could use more stuff.  If you see something missing that you'd like added, please put it in a comment!  I'm hoping to put out an expansion pack at some point.

Ideas for the expansion so far:

stools/mugs for bar

potted plants

wall lamp

books to lay on tables

pots and pans

Note that the characters in the preview are Antifarea's sweet 16x16 dudes, who seem to mesh pretty well with this.

If you use this, please drop me a line!  It's not required or anything, but I'd love to see it!

Edit: added the relevant tiles from http://opengameart.org/content/32x32-and-16x16-rpg-tiles-forest-and-some...

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