Peacock scream

Peacock scream


I got permission to extract the peacock's voice from this youtube video!

The discussion:


From: Iwan 'qubodup'
To: popthebubbles4
Subject: Feathery proposal for video games

Hello, the following might sound weirder than a peacock scream,

I'm looking for animal voices on Youtube, to extract their sound and make them available for use in video game development on and found the reply to your proposal to the peacock to be of high quality and probably very useful.

Would you or your ..friend mind if I extracted his first scream from the video and made them available on said site, giving it to the public domain? Everybody would be free to do whatever they want with the files. My intension is to ease game developers' and other artists' work with that.

I would give you and your feathery friend credit by linking to the video, unless you prefer that I do not (just say so).

I will do nothing unless I get a green light from you. If you don't like what I ask for, ignore this message and I won't touch your videos in any way ;)

Best regards


From: popthebubbles4
To: Iwan 'qubodup'
Subject: Re: Feathery proposal for video games


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