Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones


This is a track that will surely motivate you and your audience. "Motivational Stepping Stones" may be the push that you or your audience needs to get on the right track to many of the successes in life that you never thought were possible! Light guitars, motivational strings, and delicate musical gestures will definitely bring that feeling of determination and encouragement to your project!

Works great in-game as town, menu, inventory, cutscene or anything else really for your game project!


I've included two basic versions: Stepping Stones and Stepping Pebbles. There are also loopable versions and very short loopable versions for better usability for your project.

Each version has a version with and without drums for better usage.

The original track labeled as "Stepping Stones" has a somewhat dramatic rising moment in the middle. This may not fit in some specific projects so that's why I made a version without that rising section (the first instance of the section happens at 0:49) in the preview) called "Stepping Pebbles."

I hope you guys enjoy this track.

Also, if needed I can re-arrange it to best suit your needs.

There are those who might want re-arrangements of this track tailored specific to their project, this is also another good reason to communicate with the author.


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