Tiny 16: Basic

Tiny 16: Basic


This is a simple set using 16x16 tiles and Dawnbringer's 16 color palette. I attempted to make this set very basic, using as few tiles as possible while still making it useable and pretty.  Animations are 2 frames total, some ground pieces are made to be used as 8x8 corners.  This should be everything you need to make a simple RPG although it is a little weak with characters and monsters at the moment.  If there's anything you think is missing, let me know in the comments.

Edit:  Updated!  More tiles, more monsters, more animation!

Edit:  Updated again!  Added a couple tresure items and a few dead and sleeping characters.

Edit: Updated a third time!  There are now a few bridges, new trees, and some shop signs in the basic tiles.

Attribution Instructions: 
Please credit Lanea Zimmerman. The anti-DRM clause of CC-BY 3.0 is waved.
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