VG-inspired Songs

VG-inspired Songs


Gitana - Exciting Middle Eastern style song.

At the Market - Reminiscent of a marketplace.

DKR a la Mode - A semi-epic sounding song, possibly good for an intro.

Early Days - Fun, upbeat electric guitar tune.

End of Ignorance - Another semi-epic sounding song.

Greenhouse - What I imagine a greenhouse in a small village would sound like.

Hall of the Ancients - A little mysterioys, esoteric and ancient sounding tune.

Mystic Gnome - What I imagine flying through the skies on a giant turtle would feel like.

Superb Ruse - Mysterious sounding tune.

The End - Slightly melacholic, but ultimately upbeat tune possibly for end credits.

The Key - Has a new age feel to it.

Time Never Waits - A song of lamentation and resignation.

Random Piano Song 4 - Happy song of younger days.


If you need .ogg, just ask.  Hope this is useful to someone!

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Eliot Corley
Gitana.mp3 Gitana.mp3 5.6 Mb [454 download(s)]
At the Market.mp3 At the Market.mp3 4.3 Mb [420 download(s)]
DKR a la Mode.mp3 DKR a la Mode.mp3 6.3 Mb [418 download(s)]
EarlyDays.mp3 EarlyDays.mp3 3.2 Mb [264 download(s)]
End of Ignorance.mp3 End of Ignorance.mp3 3.9 Mb [268 download(s)]
Greenhouse.mp3 Greenhouse.mp3 2.4 Mb [325 download(s)]
Hall of the Ancients.mp3 Hall of the Ancients.mp3 8.4 Mb [355 download(s)]
Mystic Gnome.mp3 Mystic Gnome.mp3 4.3 Mb [273 download(s)]
Superb Ruse.mp3 Superb Ruse.mp3 5.3 Mb [234 download(s)]
The End.mp3 The End.mp3 5 Mb [267 download(s)]
The Key.mp3 The Key.mp3 5.3 Mb [253 download(s)]
Time Never Waits.mp3 Time Never Waits.mp3 5.1 Mb [271 download(s)]
Random Piano Song 4.mp3 Random Piano Song 4.mp3 4 Mb [293 download(s)]