AS3 (Flash) vs HaXe

AS3 (Flash) vs HaXe

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I've been writing game stuff in AS3 (Flash) long enough to realize it's decently suited for that purpose. I don't like a few of the language features but overall it's reasonable enough. Flash has a closed nature which I don't like. Making a mobile version of anything that uses Flash requires embedding a runtime environment and adds about 10MB to the overall download size regardless of what you make (not too keen on this).

Flash is not well supported on Linux any longer. Though it can be done it's really not my idea to alienate a large part of my fellow OGA crowd. Using Chrome on Linux offers some relief from this but forces users to rely on Chrome for all their Flash needs. Adobe does make a stand-alone Flash player that works up through Flash 11.2 but downloading a flash game defeats the purpose of making a web-based game...

I see forums talk about HaXe and how it can be used to compile to other languages. It supports making SWF files (Flash) natively and it does all these great things. I understand the documentation is limited (only 1 official book on the language, haven't looked too hard online for further docs). It's 100% open source (which I really prefer over Flash). It forces everything to be strongly typed (which I highly prefer). I have no idea how well it handles graphics, sound, etc.

Could someone give me a side-by-side of AS3 and HaXe that might push me one direction or the other? I've invested in Flash tools and I'm familiar enough with AS3 that I could make a decent game now (assuming my family, full-time job, and school would let me have more time). I would prefer to use a completely open-source tool like HaXe but have no experience or clear understanding of its limitations. I'm also aware that HaXe can use Flash resources somehow but I have no experience with it.

I'm also concerned about how hard it might be to work with a Javascript or AS3 API if I make a game in HaXe. My intention is to make free flash games and put them on Kongregate (GameStop flash game site). My secondary intention is to compile those games for mobile devices (iOS and Android). Using HaXe would allow compiling to C++ source and numerous other languages which allows me to do all of those things but again, I have no experience with it so I'm skeptical.

Thank you for the responses in advance.