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Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - 10:10

The face looks like the crudest part, here's my try:

Sunday, January 30, 2011 - 18:34

"[...] art for unexplored landscapes [...]"

Wednesday, January 26, 2011 - 11:31


I was inspired by your RPG monsters; at first I tried to do it in a style that would fit with them (because being compatible with other sets adds so much value to an asset) but in the end dropped that

Monday, January 24, 2011 - 12:16

EDIT: updated a bit. Only the one with the transformerfits the theme, I guess.

Steammonster version 3 preview

Monday, January 3, 2011 - 23:42

Made the archer, goatguy & highwayman, . Also I think now that the old portraits were really quite horrible, and incompatible with the new ones, so a new armored guy too.

Monday, January 3, 2011 - 16:24

Hello, I'm the artist; sorry about not responding. I'm most reachable as Blarumyrran on the opengameart IRC channel (#opengameart on It's nice to see the pictures used and I like X-COM as well. I'm busy with a personal project so I can't really commit to a new one, but I may make a bunch more of those portraits anyway as they're easy & quick to do. Here's a start (a bit less ugly than the older ones), A bit less ugly than the old ones

Tuesday, November 16, 2010 - 22:15


I know that the lid disappearing is a bit silly, but I thought it'd look better this way.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010 - 21:34

 Hello again, thanks for the responses; I thought on the subject some more, and what I think would be a good "rating" system would be as follows,

3 categories of images: Unpolished, Polished and Featured. (names are temporary)

 The 3 categories are ordered, so it's a bit like a 3-star rating system, except that the meaning of each star is well-defined rather than some mystical "1/3 of some quality"; and the rating is not very volatile, the categories should be presented on the site as distinct groups of images; and there would be some rules surrounding them. "Rating art" would be primarily done by the submitters themselves, and then in a small part by the moderators and other people; that should make up for the "Right now, there just aren't very many people rating art" issue.

Each image will belong to one of the 3 categories. When a user submits an image, he/she can choose to have it as polished or unpolished, depending on how good he thinks himself his work is. Eg I would've rated my Weekly Challenge images as unpolished. Also I'd put all my commissions except the Osare weapon icons (that makes, the 2 tilesets + the contest entry) to unpolished as well; I'm honestly not proud of how they turned out, and wouldn't showcase them. I think a good test question is, "Would I show this work as an example of my skills to a potential employer?" A user should be able to change the work between the 2 categories later on as well. Moderators should be able to change the work between all 3 categories, that is, only they pick the Featured ones, as now. To uphold the value of "polished", entries that seem visibly "unpolished" to the moderators, should be moved to "unpolished"; I hope this won't be taken personally. If the "Unpolished" category is large enough - say, more than half of all the images on the site - it's less likely to be taken personally.

* Unpolished: "Would I show this work as an example of my skills to a potential employer? No." pieces, or pieces of a quality level similar to other pieces on OGA whose authors thought "Would I show this work as an example of my skills to a potential employer? No.", or Works In Progress. A lot of Weekly Challenge entries might go here, among others. The main function of the category would be to build community, rather than to provide commercial-quality artwork to a potential viewer. Should be the most numerous category.

* Polished: "Would I show this work as an example of my skills to a potential employer? Yes." pieces, or pieces of a quality level similar to other pieces on OGA whose authors thought "Would I show this work as an example of my skills to a potential employer? Yes."

* Featured: The best images on the site. Should include (legal) ripped artwork from professional games! Right now, only contributions original to OGA seem to be Featured, which makes it less based on true objective value, and much lowers the meaning of Featured.

On Search, by default, answers should come in the order Featured -> Polished -> Unpolished. On the front page, the 3 categories could be presented as separate groups. Maybe, on the front page, Unpolished images shouldn't be shown to people who haven't logged in? And maybe 2x more Featured Images than Polished images, so as to showcase OGA as a place of Quality Stuff to a potential visitor.

As ceninan said on IRC though, lack of bundling interferes with Featuring. Featuring all the pieces from a game separately might be tedious. Also when the entirety of all the images from the game is worthy of Feature, a single spritesheet from that set might not be - so Featuring all the spritesheet entries from a set may give the impression that OGA thinks that some single spritesheet is worthier of Feature than some other images on OGA that are individually better but not Featured - while that doesn't have to be the case.

* * *

Thank you for the response; I think I addressed most of your post above;

* "As for art from other projects, I completely agree with you, but uploading all of that art takes time, which I don't exactly have in spades. I have, for the record, asked for volunteers on multiple occasions to upload large amounts of art from projects, but while everyone seems to think that someone ought to do it, nobody really seems to want to do it."
As I said on IRC, a large part of ethically ripping from free games is asking for permission even if the license doesn't demand you to - and a person who cannot claim to speak for OGA, such as myself, will have less of an authority when asking for that permission. Also, lack of bundling makes the task a lot messier/harder.
* "Design bloat: What page are you referring to? The main page, or individual art pages? The main page is always going to have more on it than just art. I am not willing to negotiate on that point. As for individual art pages, they could stand to be redesigned. The latest mockup of OGA 2 (from a while ago) is here: (note that at the moment I have no design for the individual art pages)"
Of the main page, the mockup does seem better than now (~ 300 000 pixels out of ~ 1 000 000 = 30% in my browser window are under images & their names); but still more space could be saved without stealing any space from the other content (~ 500 000 pixels out of ~ 1 000 000 = 50% in my browser window), here is a slightly changed mockup:

I'll try to post something on the entry preview pages in near future.