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Tuesday, January 18, 2022 - 18:02

@Danimal What are the main goals for your work work with Flare? What inspired you here and there and what are you aiming towards making? What are some of the most important novel / new things you have added / wish to add to Flare? You did a lot of cool work with adding in new armour weapons and enemies and making tilesets work. I wonder though what other things might not have made it and what are the possible future goals moving forwards for your work with Flare?

Wednesday, January 12, 2022 - 00:39 128 x 128 icons work now.

Although I am wondering if 'Flare x 4' can work where the Flare engine could run all the original art assets of Flare yet with x 4 the pixel density. As in like how 32 x 32 icons turned into 128 x 128 icons success as seen in screen shots. 32 x 4 = 128, or split one pixel into 4 to make the same image but with 4 times the pixel density.

If 'Flare x 4' can work that could pave the way for 2020's graphics for Flare and it could make any game running on Flare still use the original assets but have the option to bit by bit add in high detail art assets. With the new high resolution art assets being able to be side by side of the original low resolution art assets. This can eventually lead to games made with the Flare engine to be as in high of detail as that of Diablo 2 Resurrected or other high resolution isometric games. This can take the 2000's graphics of Flare and bring them into the 2020's and add decades of life to the visuals of the game and hopefully graphically stand the test of time.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022 - 21:24

Also spoilers / here is a speed run of Hades:

Tuesday, January 11, 2022 - 21:22

Has anyone fought for high resolution in Flare yet? I know Clint Bellanger did Wandercall / ~'FlareHD'. Do we have any experience ~'in house' or am I flying into this blind and hoping that Dorkster can tell myself how to ~'not suck so bad'(XD) at using the Flare engine to try and increase the pixel density / minimum resolution by 4. From 640 x 480 into (hopefully) 2,560 x 1,920 with 128 x 128 icons (splitting the pixels by 4 to make the old assets still work / look the same but be able to bit by bit add in new higher resolution art assets / icons).

Tuesday, January 11, 2022 - 21:14

@Danimal I am trying to find out if the Flare engine could support higher resolution item icons / 128 x 128 pixel icons to better keep up with the march of time and make Flare look better: (although I am currently good at crashing the menus but perhaps I can get there with enough gusto XD)

Monday, January 10, 2022 - 19:15

I think Hades looks okay, nothing to crazy but not horrible. For myself it comes off a bit bland / run of the mill with some wacky colours and anime / 'bad modern western themes' / tones where it pulls out of reality / makes bad logic in a few spots. 5-6/10 +1 for gameplay; so without thinking 7/10 but with big brain mode 5/10 so 6/10 or 3/5 stars. Not bad but far from great.

Sunday, January 9, 2022 - 18:56

If the input was translated to a gamepad or some other kind of option like that. Out of the box Flare has no Fitbit capability unless it is basically a small computer and even then it is not viable. I think Unity has more hokey input set ups and it has more options for one can make custom inputs for instance VR. Or if you get really stuck just pay some dev on freelancer who knows how to code for Unity. Flare in general is optimized / specialized for PC; everything is built around PC expectations; even the gamepad control system is for PC.

Sunday, January 9, 2022 - 08:04

@Paul Wortmann What elements of your favourite RPGs do you like and what elements of them do you not like / wish were done better and in what specific way(s)? Do you have a wish list of gameplay expectations / desires / a wish list for a game made in the Flare Engine? If so could you tell how all of that could look like for a player's experience potentially?

Wednesday, January 5, 2022 - 23:14

I liked watching through this classic everquest playthrough by Flatts with his Iksar Monk on Project1999. Although I had a limited stint on P99 I did get my own personal classic EQ server to explore the world in. I think classic Everquest is a bit clunky but it has some really cool aspects in the world; like how the Qeynos is built out together with distinct and memorable parts and how the sewers and underground aspects and hidden areas / little secrets really added some spicy content with lots of mystery and things and places to wonder about. (Also these get honourable mentions: + ) I love this kind of world depth / mystery / attention to detail and general 'depth' of the content / lots of unique / quirky thought invested into trying to improve the quality of the whole work / video game / medieval fantasy world.

Wednesday, January 5, 2022 - 18:59

"RE: pandering & contrived - ah, pandering to sexualized content. Yes, ok... however, you lost me about halfway through the paragraph here. What does the historical rape and torture have to do with pandering or "contrived worlds"?"

Contrived is a powerful world; it can be used to show where a deep fundamental lie is hiding; yet only if one knows what a deeper and more powerful truth is. Or at least try to understand a deeper understanding than what constructs many superficial structures of convenience. Of which that ultimately when pressed to serve in the trenches of hell, crumble like egg shells to an iron fist. Yet truth like a diamond is made more clear under pressure. It becomes crystal clear under absolute pressure and or perhaps even sheer adversity. So many people crumble when put in the vice of adversity; even people who may look strong on the outside. Yet a only a few out of dozens are turned into diamond on the inside and break the vice of adversity. Even those who look weak on the outside may become the most capable of people when transformed under the absolute pressure of the vice of adversity. This is the potential of character.

So, it is important to understand history to understand fiction, it is also important to understand fiction to understand history to see who is probably full of B.S.. You can't detect a lie if you can't tell a ~'good' / believable lie. Sometimes people would rather believe a perfect lie than to believe an ugly truth; because HUMANITY. Truth is stranger than fiction your baby did not die, a changeling took it and you don't have to bare the soul crushing reality of being a failed parent in a brutal world because 'actually' the baby is living but away from people in a secret fairly land... Verses, yeah your baby died at 3 months in and we don't know why and that is in fact your dead baby you have to bury and not a transformed log to look like a dead baby. You can see the abject brutal emotional trauma that our world is based upon if a person takes on responsibility for their actions and of everyone else around them; it is not 'fair' but if you want unreasonable results you must become an unreasonable person in at least terms of willpower. So in fiction if it is used as an escape / coping mechanism than its' world is a lie to hide an ugly truth and or sets of ugly truths and is fundamentally at its core morally bankrupt and unable to strike at the heart of hearts of people. For at the very foundation of the typical contrived fictional world is the forfeit of the headwaters of 'the ability of humanity to conquer pure evil' and or being within a state of nigh perpetual existence of moral defeat of the self in being not 'worthy to bear the existential weight of the fire of god' / a deliberate moral refusal to stop participating in the 'lie' and stop being a loser and in real life become something apart of something greater than yourself (something like that). You can't put the deep / moving experiences of your ~'soul' / life into something if you have no deep / moving experiences within your ~'soul' / life. Losers can't win because they are unable to sacrifice properly. Also and or they do not take the necessary, significant and non-trivial steps to willingly overcome adversity. Instead losers are found waiting for adversity to bite them in the ass at 3 AM drunk off their over self-pitty and uselessness in the arena of life; and then the losers blame anyone and anything but themselves. So because of this I find it necessary to tell of the abject horrors of real life to better understand the beast of reality without a coping mechanism; like a spiritual 'changeling' / belief in a perfect / convenient lie to throw off the sacrifices necessary to properly become responsible in my own life. That is so that when I go to craft a hopefully transformative challenge (so hard that one is never the same again when they are 'victorious') I know what the hell I am doing; and not wasting everyone's time and hope. How can one describe a rainbow if one is blind? How can one describe what pizza tastes like without having taste? How can I give a fictional world that is ultimately an illusion based upon real life with real people participating, the ability to host real intrigue and real challenge? How can I 'play god' without being a massive failure or at least make something worth people's time and hope and is worth playing if I am without being knowledgeable of real life intrigue and moreover real life difficulty / adversity? That is why historical rape and torture have *everything* to do with pandering or "contrived worlds". This is because they are some of the ugliest truths in life and some of the worst horrors of known existence within our shared human experience hosted via reality; and if I cannot stand up to the objective realities of life nor can my life's work of my shared dreams.