If I could work on OGA full-time, what would people want me to code (or do)?

If I could work on OGA full-time, what would people want me to code (or do)?

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Once my current project is over, I'd like to start looking into ways to fund work on OGA as a full-time job, which will require several thousand US dollars per month (I've got a baby on the way, so I need to be working for more than subsistence wages in order for this to go over okay with my wife).  There are a lot of feature requests and bugfixes that have been pushed to some indefinite point in the future that I call "when I have time," many of which you can see in the feedback forum.

Anyway, regardless of which funding option I go with (several people have suggested Kickstarter), I'll need to list and priorotize a set of goals, as people will be more likely to donate money if they know in advance what that money will be paying for.  These goals can either be related to programming, or other things for the site that require time and effort.  I could even hone my art skillz if people want.  Also, if I go with a kickstarter model, I'd be interested in finding out what sort of rewards people would like.

Anyway, I'd appreciate some thoughts and comments about what people would like to see added to the site in the near future.



P.S. I've posted this on reddit, here:  http://www.reddit.com/r/gamedev/comments/1d11ir/i_run_opengameartorg_and...

Feel free to comment there instead if you prefer.  I'll be watching both places.