LPC style farm animals

LPC style farm animals


Some farm animals, as commissioned by tebruno99: http://opengameart.org/forumtopic/filledlpc-style-farm-animals-needed

All animals include walking and eating animations. For every animal but the chicken, play the animation forward to start eating, then backwards to stop. Frames 3-4 can be repeated to have the llama/cow/pig/sheep eating for a while.

Shadow images are included for the cow, llama and chicken. For the pig and sheep, the llama shadow can more or less be used, or modified a bit.


Update: added cow, and fixed some errors in llama files. Also added some shadow image files, which can be placed behind the animals (one frame fits all). Also changed licenses to more lenient. (GPL2+ / CC-BY, instead of GPL3+ / CC-BY-SA). Also added pig and sheep.

Attribution Instructions: 
Attribute to Daniel Eddeland, and link to opengameart (preferably this submission).
chicken_eat.png chicken_eat.png 4.4 Kb [8602 download(s)]
chicken_walk.png chicken_walk.png 4.1 Kb [8670 download(s)]
chicken_shadow.png chicken_shadow.png 271 b [6723 download(s)]
cow_eat.png cow_eat.png 11.6 Kb [7245 download(s)]
cow_walk.png cow_walk.png 10.4 Kb [8401 download(s)]
cow_shadow.png cow_shadow.png 745 b [6142 download(s)]
llama_eat.png llama_eat.png 11.1 Kb [6261 download(s)]
llama_walk.png llama_walk.png 11.3 Kb [6612 download(s)]
llama_shadow.png llama_shadow.png 747 b [5788 download(s)]
pig_eat.png pig_eat.png 6.1 Kb [6692 download(s)]
pig_walk.png pig_walk.png 5.5 Kb [7538 download(s)]
sheep_eat.png sheep_eat.png 8.8 Kb [6754 download(s)]
sheep_walk.png sheep_walk.png 8.2 Kb [7729 download(s)]