9 wet snow steps

9 wet snow steps

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Recorded by Iwan "qubodup" Gabovitch some lousy winter 2008/2009 in Berlin, Germany.

Cut into sounds by the same for opengameart.org and parpg.net in August 2009.

These sounds are very quiet and you will have to normalize them using for example Audacity <http://www.audacity.sf.net/> or Sox <http://sox.sf.net> (for Sox see "Sox script for normalizing and converting mp3 & wav files to an Asterisk friendly format" <http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/sox>)

Also note that the sounds have a sample rate of 96000, this might cause problems with some soundcards and should be cut down to 44100 I guess.

Do what you want with them or see the license as "Public Domain Dedication" or "CC0".

qubodup-wet_snow_steps.7z qubodup-wet_snow_steps.7z 1.2 Mb [1771 download(s)]