Cow Attack Basic Action Set

Cow Attack Basic Action Set

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Based on Yoansculo's Simerion tiles and images. Modified graphics include:

  •  - alien is a color-changed cultist
  •  - alien with gun has changed posture and a simple pixel stick in her hands
  •  - cow is a bit thinner and has longer legs
  •  - cow eat animations have the mouth changing shape and add some grass in the mouth
  •  - cowfacehappy is based on eat animations
  •  - cow step animations have the legs slightly deformed
  •  - grass and grassdry are color modified and a bit shorter
  •  - surface is a color-modified and 'rectanglified' sand ground tile
  •  - surfacered is surface with GIMP/Colors/Hue-Saturation Overlap=0,Hue=-7,Lightness=-23,Saturation=21 applied
  •  - cowscout and cowmothership are 'enginered' cows fit for space and air travel
  •  - cowmothership2 and cowmothership3 is based on a building with a glass dome, cow head and cow's colors
  •  - icons are mix-ups of above images
  •  - cowfaceohno based on alien and cowfacehappy
  •  - cowhead

Made for a game prototype about cows invading an alien planet to eat their grass made at the Berlin Mini Jam on July 21st, 2012.

Some very simple images were created from scratch by me (qubodup/Iwan Gabovitch) but included under CC0 since they fit the theme.

Contains background and 'endscreens' that roll over but are too big and simple for the preview.

README.txt (also in archive).

A few more graphics under the same license can be found in

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See included README.txt
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