Grassland Tileset

Grassland Tileset

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Grassland tile set for Flare. Over 200 tiles for a 64x32 base isometric tile grid.

Tiles include:

grass, worn stone path, cliff walls, rocky streams, wood piles, bonfire, anvil, fences, weeds, plants, shrubs, trees, signposts, gravestones, canoes, wharfs, bridges, docks, cabins, houses, tents, and more.

Many pieces of CC-BY and CC-BY-SA art were used to create this set. Please properly attribute all contributing artists.

ARTISTS (attribution required by CC-BY-SA 3.0 or CC-BY 3.0)

  • Clint Bellanger
  • Lamoot
  • Blender Foundation |
  • lattice
  • p0ss
  • Bart K. |
  • Sindwiller

See CREDITS.txt for detailed citations (inside the blends zip file). assets used in this tile set:

To use the tile set in Tiled v0.8, get the necessary files from the Flare git repo.

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