Mage City Arcanos

Mage City Arcanos


This was a total conversion on an rpgmakerxp tileset I THINK, it was a long time ago that I did it.

There is a lot of other work at that could be mixed with these. Good luck making your games!

((I know the website has different licensing rules, but don't worry about that with this tileset. The website is really old and I haven't updated it. These are public domain, you don't have to give me credit if you don't want to. but I would appreciate it of course! ^_^))

Attribution Instructions: 
Feel free to use it for anything, you can even make profit. If you want please give me credit for the tile though as 'Hyptosis' or link to if you want. But you're not obligated to. Everyone should be able to make games, I hope these help.
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