Open Gunner Expansion Pack 1

Open Gunner Expansion Pack 1


This is the first expansion pack for the Open Gunner graphics collection.

You can find the original Open Gunner "Starter Kit" here:

This expansion pack includes the following things:

More moves for the hero: An Air/Ground Roll, movement animations for ceiling ropes/pipes + 8 way shooting while hanging from them, and also I added the missing poses for 8-way shooting from ladders.

A "Forest Tileset". This allows one to make a basic outdoors environment; grass, trees, stones, waterfalls, etc., in 2 different color themes.

More enemies: These include an animated tank, 5-way turning turrets and a beehive + bees meant to be used with the forest tileset.


Attribution Instructions:

If you use these graphics anywhere, then give credit to "Master484", and if possible also put a link to my OpenGameArt profile and maybe also to my website:

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