Tents: Hunter, Lumberjack, Pavilion, Storage (Unknown Horizons) 2D

Tents: Hunter, Lumberjack, Pavilion, Storage (Unknown Horizons) 2D


Unknown Horizons is a 2.5D isometric real time strategy game. We upload models and renders contributed by several artists. If you are interested in giving them additional credit (and not just Unknown Horizons), you can e.g. check our graphics repo. We have some cool additional stuff in there as well ;-)

Content: four tent buildings: a huntsman's home, a lumberjack camp, a pavilion as shelter from sun and a tent for storage purposes.

This contribution is split into a 2D and a 3D part. You currently view 2D. Check out 3D for the source files of these models!


  • one .zip archive containing renders of all four buildings
  • four icons (46x46, fisherman and signal fire)

Zip archives contain 4 rotations per model.

sailor-tents.zip sailor-tents.zip 249.9 Kb [5173 download(s)]
icons.zip icons.zip 25.4 Kb [1507 download(s)]