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Monday, April 1, 2024 - 16:11

Thanks for the confirmation.


Latest update: I opened up a Ko-Fi account as another external location to share my updates on. I'll treat this more like a blog with images than anything. I don't expect donations or anything, though the option is there if anyone's interested. This account is MOSTLY to share the assets I work on, and provide more frequent updates when I'm not posting stuff on here very often.


I created a Ko-Fi account mostly so I could follow bluecarrot. Then after reading the site details, decided to create a full page so I could have a casual page to post stuff on. So it was kind of a spur of the moment thing. :P I felt like it'd be better to have Ko-Fi than Patreon, as Patreon kinda expect a more consistent update schedule whereas Ko-Fi I can just post stuff casually whenever I'm able.

So far I've added all fully original assets I have made so far, except for things like the capes. I haven't gotten around to adding those assets yet as I need to recollect them again and potentially add jump/run/sit animations.


I did finish all frames of my new "folded flap" boots, but I need to add the overlays to them, as well as the rimmed boots (which are just the folded flap boots, but without the appearance of them being folded down in the front; instead they're folded down all around the boots). Going to try and finish these up as well as the kimono sleeves on stream tonight, at least for the universal set anyway.

Monday, April 1, 2024 - 16:04

Wow this is a weird issue. MedicineStorm, what kind of framework is this thing running on? I don't really see why it'd be _that_ difficult to support using TLS, unless you're just using really outdated servers installations.


Can't deny its incredibly annoying that Gmail keeps changing its requirements though. I've had to go through these things many times at work as well...

Saturday, March 30, 2024 - 15:22

I debated whether or not to revive this thread or start a brand new one. Ultimately decided I'll just resume this one. On other forums I was on in the past, typically reopening old threads was frowned upon, but I figured it might be better to keep this in the same thread? Not sure.


I stopped this a while back due to stress in other areas of life as well as having a lot of issues at work. I switched over to trying to write a novel instead of doing a game, did various tries at that. I had to pause that as well, but recently got back into that, and used AI art to help with some inspiration, but I wound up finding the AI art lacking as its not easy to get exactly what I want, especially when using non-standard character designs.

I finished a rough draft of the fantasy novel, but on editing got stuck on some dialogue areas as well as positioning of certain objects and characters during action scenes. I was considering the possibility of creating maps of the locations I'm trying to create using LPC assets and Tiled.

While my work is more stable now, I did have some stuff come up at work that made me want to pursue other goals, with one of them being trying to make a game again. An online friend of mine, Ryukas, brought up the idea of character sprites being used as a base to commission concept art, so I decided I'd pursue that idea as well (but I also want to use said sprites to experiment with game development).

After digging around for options on areas like, I wound up coming back to LPC.


So far I have posted the following recent updates:


"Relm Kisaragi" is the main inspiration for the long ponytail and elven ear variants. Her design hasn't changed that much since the original commission I made from Halcyon Enigma:

But I have made a bunch of changes to her character and backstory over the years. Still, her base design will still follow this design, but with some modifications (the "oversize sleeves" will be what she uses for both arms, for example; having it be just one arm was based on an old lore idea I since changed up that requires her to hide both her arms now).


The main reason I'm posting this right now is because its just taking forever for me to get the latest update out, as the past several updates have gone through relatively quickly. This next update, however, is me recreating Relm's outfit design, which is a lot of work. I've finally got the full sprites done for the kimono design:
Split Kimono Design

However, I need to finish the long sleeves and boots. Once I realized just how incredibly long this was going to take, I opted to create several variants, including a "normal" kimono design:
Normal Kimono Design


I thought about doing a long one as well, going completely over the feet (this one is ankle-length), but for now I decided against that.

Both of these kimonos have their own trim sets as well, to reflect Relm's reddish-pink trimming on her black kimono. I also created a new Obi design based on Relm's here. When I originally made the request from Halcyon Enigma, I actually didn't exactly know that this was a kimono; I just asked him to base it on the Fire Emblem "Swordmaster" outfit. Which I'm pretty sure is just a kimono variant looking back on it. The strap would then be an Obi. I tested this kimono with the existing waist sashes and it works well with those, too, but this really does look best if you have some sort of sash across the middle; its designed with that idea in mind.

In addition, I'm creating two sets of long sleeves, but they're not yet finished. The first is a long sleeve based on Relm's "right" arm, and the second is an oversized sleeve based on her "left" arm. In her final design she'll just have both arms using oversize, but I'm creating both designs anyway to make this more modular. The sleeves also have trimming as well.

Making the sleeves separate was my way of adding more options as well. They're designed to act as a separate layer that goes over the existing sleeves seemlessly. Its POSSIBLE they might mesh with other outfits, but no guarantees there.

I'm... only making the female variant for now. I am going to enable "teen" on the ULPC, because this style does fit it, but I'm not reworking it to make the chest "flat" in that variation, if someone else wants to do that later feel free. I'm not doing male at all (I have no need for it right now, and no dresses are in the "male" style anyway, but perhaps if I was commissioned I MIGHT consider it), and I will eventually do child, but it may take a while. As for "pregnant", its not impossible I might eventually want to do that variation, but at this point I have no plans for it either.

I will likely submit this once all "universal" assets are complete (they should be done over the weekend I think), but I still intend on doing run/jump/sit as I _do_ want these assets for my character Relm. I'll edit my submission with those variants once they are complete.

To finish this off, I'm also creating a couple of new boot variants. And as an added bonus, I created some tabi socks:

Tabi Socks


NOTE: There's a couple of mistakes here. For one, I did not notice the feet are visible in the second-to-last "down" frame. I have a fix for this coming out later. For two, the "cast" animation has the "white" at the center be transparent because when I noticed I forgot to fill it in with white (due to the similar color scheme to the light skin tone), even though I replaced it in most locations I missed the spellcast animation. I will be fixing this soon. 


Unlike the kimono, for the boots and socks I WILL be making male and child variants right away. Relm's boot design has a flap down over it, which is a difficult design to manage. I think I'm going to ignore the "zipper" on the boots, and the red trimming will just be on the rims of the boots instead. There are two variants of these boots; ones with a fold down flap in the front, and the other with just a rim all the way around. These boots I figure will work well for my character Dalton: (another commission I made from a different artist)

And as such, I fully intend on making the shoes work on the male design. The male design's feet aren't _that_ different, mostly just slightly larger on some frames and in different positions, so it shouldn't be hard to easily shift the boots and socks over to the male design, but the kimono is just too much work for now.

As I get new updates out I'll post more comments here again. After I finish the kimono, I intend on working with ElizaWy's LPC tilesets, creating some tilesets in Tiled, and try designing some maps. My next character sprite submission after this will probably be another "xlong" hairstyle (but not a ponytail) and animate Relm's XLong Ponytail as well.

Wednesday, March 6, 2024 - 19:53

I'm really loving the fantasy music tracks. There's enough stuff there I could probably just use that and only have your music in place. I'd happily pay for the OGG pack as well _once I'm ready_. I'm trying to prepare myself now to get out of the rut I've been in, and I'm finally stable financially so I'm hoping, maybe, somehow, I can finally start doing game dev like I wanted. ^_^

Anyway, thanks for sharing all this. I listened to a good chunk and its really great.

Thursday, December 8, 2022 - 11:49

Dang, this was 9 years ago at this point? Well, I recently got reminded of this one lol.

I think the orc was probably also an alignment issue. While I was looking at that XCF, I did a bunch of various alignment fixes just to ensure everything was usable. The elven ears was one of those alignment issues I fixed.

I haven't done much sprite work in a long time, but recently I started doing LTTP sprites. Maybe I'll create LPC variants of new hairstyles I create for LTTP. LTTP sprites are way harder to do than LPC because LPC is so streamlined. No guarantees right now, though.

Saturday, May 28, 2016 - 17:47

Its nice that someone got around to updating this. I wrote a PHP version a while back that took a JSON file and listed off everything, but then I realized PHP might not be supported on the hosting (and I didn't plan to create a new host, I was just trying to find a way to make it easier to update Guarav's), so I stopped working on that one and never got back to it.



I'll try it out later. And maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to make progress on my own projects again soon... so I might be able to contribute. But I can't guarantee anything.

Nice to see that I got a credit, but I didn't do much, I just updated it a bit to help Makrohn.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 - 02:13

In my case this would probably be enough for me because most of my "enemies" are actually just human characters and some wild animals/beasts. Eventually if I have enough extra funds I'll probably commission a few monster sprites as well, but I can't afford to do that just yet. I'll definitely use some of these Goblin sprites, though, and the other monster sprites created even though I never had plans for them before, because they're just too awesome not to use. ^^

There are only two main fantasy creatures I have already planned for which I'd be needing eventually: Giant Eagles and Drakes, although the drakes I have don't have wings on the back but are closer to wyverns. These would have been tamed as mounts, but some would be wild and be fought as enemies. Eventually I'll have concepts drawn up of my changes; neither of them would look like traditional ones. I'd commission these myself anyway.

Other than these two, I just have average animals, so I can adapt a number of monster sprites into fantasy animals/humanoid sub-races even though I didn't have plans for them before.


Either way, I won't be able to really get started on anything for at least a month at this rate. Making a full-fledged RPG is a huge goal of mine, though, and I already have the gameplay structure lined up in concept pages plus the cast of characters and story, I just need to tweak some things and actually find time to develop it. ^^

Sunday, May 11, 2014 - 10:40

Wow, dang... just saw the full hairstyle set so I could try and add it to the Universal LPC Spritesheet. You put so much detail into those falling animations. I tried to add some decent elements to the falling animations just so they looked better than the originals merely being directly copy-pasted, but these are EXTREMELY detailed, really nice work on those.

I'll probably also try and add your new color palettes to the existing generators and lists as well. These palettes are pretty good looking, I like them.


EDIT: Another plus for all the parts being added to all frames. I can easily just slip them into the existing Universal LPC Spritesheet. Since I'm already adding hairstyles and facial expressions anyway, I'll add the clothes you created as well and then also add them to the Character Generator.

Sunday, May 11, 2014 - 08:52

This... looks really cool. I planned to buy a program to design my World Maps, but I can test this out and see how well it works. Thanks for sharing!

Sunday, May 11, 2014 - 07:27

Oh yeah, I saw the Spiders and Demons. I'm just surprised I missed these Wolves. :P