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Wednesday, May 8, 2024 - 20:45

I guess I'll drop some new updates.


The next release I'm planning is a pretty big one but I need to compile enough assets over at ULPC first before I want to do it, so it may take a bit longer before I offiically put up a release on OGA. That being said, there's some big updates coming through over at the ULPC right now:


Originally I tried configuring alternate animations via custom animations but it was too slow to do it effectively. Sanderfrenken brought up another idea, that being to just add all the assets directly to the universal set. Well, I ran some tests, and far as I can tell it works fine. I was able to expand the bodies and heads to encompass all the extra animations, as well as bringing in all new base animations Eliza added to LPC Revised, so we have a much bigger lineup of animations now:


That said, the assets are still missing for much of this. However, the original base animations still work even without them being filled out. I have, however, already finished creating all the mapping for all of the LPC Revised hairstyles as well as all of the various types of ears so far. I want to have a healthy selection of assets first before making an official release.

Adding in the "combat" animations was kind of a spur of the moment thing. I was only focusing on the original assets, Climb, and doing Revised Run, but then I realized that I should just add the new combat animations right away just so they're in place. Plus Eliza has a lot of assets mapped to these already anyway, so it just made sense to include that as well. This is, after all, the "Universal" LPC Character Generator, so it makes sense to just add new base animations as they are created... and due to the way the generator works, it doesn't break the old animations either even if they're not fully filled out to all frames, so that's a nice advantage.


So far I have mapped out all of the hairstyles that exist on LPC Revised and all of the LPC Revised clothing assets (these are, however, missing "down", "cast", "thrust", an "shoot"). I also mapped a few of my hairstyles and ALL of the ears, both the old ear variations (elven, big, long) and all the ears I created. I even added these ears to child, as the old ears (elven, big, long) were missing on child.



I'm also working on trying to clean up some of my older hairstyles and add animations to them, and finish the new hairstyles I was designing as well. These new hairstyle designs would be a separate release of course, but I wanted to wait until we finalized the new Universal asset positions first before doing so.

Tuesday, April 30, 2024 - 14:47

So I went back and double-checked, but I have confirmed now that all licenses are valid. I updated this to OGA-BY in 2022 but I didn't properly confirm all derivatives were updated to OGA-BY, but they were. So we're good with the licensing here!

Sunday, April 28, 2024 - 13:40

I had considered the possibility of doing these eventually, but someone else already put them out:


That was convenient timing!



I guess I might as well drop some new updates. I decided to go back to doing some new hairstyle variations:


This one is a variation of my XLong Ponytail hairstyle. I liked the main hairstyle enough that I thought this would work nicely as a standalone. I guess you could say this is a version of the same hairstyle if it was loose. I'm calling it "XLong Wavy" because it is extra long and it waves back and forth when walking. I do not yet know how I'm going to handle the Jump/Run, because its not a ponytail in theory it shouldn't move around as much as the existing Run animation goes.

Here's an animated version:



Here's a totally brand new hairstyle:


I forgot to include the "back" hair on the first one. Basically the bottom of the hair is visible in front of the legs at the bottom, but the rest is behind the arm. However, perhaps I should include that anyway, but if I do so, it might confilict with different body sizes, so I'm mixed on it.

The first variation includes new Hair Extensions as well. I decided to make them separate hair extensions and I'll have both variations available on both sides. This one is based on another OC of mine "Princess Shayala".

I'm calling this one "XLong Wavy" as it is designed to be a hairstyle that waves back and forth and its very long.



This one will go into the "Curly" category, but its also a Very Long hairstyle. Not as long as the above two, but still quite long:


I really like the design, but I don't like the lack of animation on the back. I feel like it should be moving around. But its also a very complicated hairstyle to animate which makes that a bigger issue. For now I won't animated it on this frame at least. I know for sure I need to animate it on Run. Even Eliza only added animations for her "Curly" hairstyles on Run and Jump.


Lastly, two new Hair Extensions:


I used this hairstyle because it looks good enouggh to work for the OC who needs these straight bangs. The only addition here are the straight bangs, which I'm adding as new "Hair Extensions". No animations on this one, its not necessary because the bangs are so short. They will be animated on Run and Jump of course.



One final thing, Sanderfrenken and I are looking into how to add other base animations to the ULPC:


My thought originally was to try and keep the animations separate because I thought it'd be a pain to add them into the main ULPC especially with how long its been static. However, Sanderfrenken suggested to include them in the main sheet after all. I opened a PR with this idea in mind, still waiting on a response back. Here's my current thought behind it:


In my testing this works pretty well. All of the existing assets still work fine. Even though those sheets are smaller, it doesn't try to like "stretch" them to fit the entire canvas. It just plops them on top exactly where they were. I added Eliza's Climb because I really wanted Climb, I'll probably do the two Male variation models to fill in those gaps. Below Climb is Idle, Jump, Sit, and Run, in that order. Although Idle is short, I figured eventually its possible we may add in Eliza's animations as well, so to the right of "Idle" we could add in her "Combat Idle" as well.


I'm waiting on Sanderfrenken to respond back before finalizing this. Once it is finalized, I'll start adding in all my existing assets to these frames, and it'll be a bit easier for me to remember to drop these frames in if I have them on the complete universal sheet, too.

Because I'm waiting on final confirmation, though, I'm holding back on doing a lot more at the moment.

Sunday, April 21, 2024 - 12:51

Yeah I was thinking that fairy-style wings could be the next ones, but mostly I'm just working on cleaning these up for now, adding them to all frames (even Eliza only had four of the animations using the wings), and then my next goal is to make "arm wing" variants. But yeah, maybe I could potentially look into creating a fairy like wing later just to fill in the trifecta.



Sanderfrenken merged the PR now, so the wings are now up here:


In addition I also made a couple of quick minor fixes. Ponytail2 had some skintone issues and Bedhead's second-to-last "down" animation was too far down. These were sitting in Issues  for a long time so I finally just got them out of the way:


I just need to fix the animated hair PR now so that can get updated on the ULPC.

Sunday, April 21, 2024 - 02:34

Another update, I finished the run animation for the wings as well as adjusting the side running animations:


I have some concerns with the side animations, because I noticed when combined with the wings it is kinda iffy. If I drop both the hair and wings then the hair suddenly appears in front of the wings at one point, due to the two frames where I have the "side hair" shifting from the background to the foreground, to try and replicate the idea of it coming alongside the body. This was fairly difficult, but I think it looks decent, and certainly way better than the original.

Really hard to figure out how to replicate the same effect from the side, but finally I just reused the same frames and tweaked them a bit.


As for the wings, its really just opening and closing. I think its neat to have that animations, but I'm mixed on the idea of that being the only thing it does on run. However, its also better than just nothing happening either, so I think it looks pretty decent.


Bat wings I didn't get a chance to do yet for run, still need to do jump as well.



EDIT: Another note on the wings... I considered swapping the order of frames on each wing. Not sure if I should or not, but its a possibility.


EDIT 2: I noticed a stray pixel in the side wing so I fixed that, not in the preview, but I fixed it in my version.

Saturday, April 20, 2024 - 21:22

I have a few additional updates here.



First, I went ahead and animated my Relm hairstyle:


I'm highly considering redoing the west/east run animation before I post it, but I'm VERY happy with north/south. Its designed with the idea in mind of being the "wave" of Relm's hair from my original concept art for her from Halcyon:


In addition, I started working on converting some of ElizaWy's assets to ULPC as well, first with the wings (both Feathered and Bat):



Personally I see these "bat" wings more of Dragon wings, but either way, they work well for both. Perhaps some might want a different style of Dragon wings but I think these look quite nicely. I'm going to try and finish Run and Jump first as well before I implement these, but I'm mixed on how those sets are going to go.


I'm highly considering switching over to using ElizaWy's run animations as well, at least for "Female" and "Teen" sets. I haven't done any run animation clothing yet but Eliza has a decent amount of run animation clothes that I think could be nice to see on the ULPC as well.


On another note, I may also end up doing these wings on some of Eliza's other animations, too. Currently they're only on Idle, Sit, Emote, and Walk. With what I have done here I added them to the base "Cast", "Thrust", "Slash", "Shoot", and "Down" animations. The original wings don't have that much animation to them other than shifting position on the back, so the same applies for these poses. Instead I just tried to keep them properly aligned with the back, and I scaled/skewed/rotated them in certain contexts to make them fit (doing subtle touchups in certain situations to make them look cleaner), otherwise I didn't really change all that much. However, doing running and jumping animations theoretically should require some more work to make them look nice. I'll start just by pasting the animations over those spots before considering how to improve them.

I'm not sure yet how I want to "release" the Relm hairstyle updates. Its possible I'll just update the original entry and drop them there, but I'd like to share something new as well. Sharing these wing assets might be a good idea. I can show I mapped them to all frames and added them to ULPC.

Sunday, April 14, 2024 - 14:07

Dropped it here:


So this is just the exterior for now. I'm going to skip out on doing interior stuff right now and move onto other things (the tilesets are complete right now, but I need to configure terrain and collision).

Still, this is comprehensive in regards to LPC Revised exterior tiles. There are gaps left over to fit other things that should be here, though, such as the remaining forge assets (I noticed Eliza didn't include _all_ of bluecarrot's forge assets, even though there are several additional variant types). In addition, eventually I'd like to see bridges and the like, too.


I'll probably start working on converting some OGA-BY assets to LPC Revised later on if I don't see Eliza come back to this soon. As for now, though, I'm going to move on to converting some LPC Revised character assets into OGA-BY, because I really want to see those new character animations get some love. Mostly, while researching LPC Revised, I saw the climbing animation and knew I really wanted that. But Eliza also has feathered wings as well, so I'll grab those and convert them. I'm thinking Eliza didn't change up too many of the animations for the walk cycles, etc, (it looks the same to me, but I can't tell until I compare directly).

Tuesday, April 9, 2024 - 11:15

I think I'll remove the food assets as well and put them into their own sheet. They would just be overlays sitting on a table or inside a crate or something, anyway, so really aren't necessarily on the main interior tileset. Thankfully I have the food items in a separate layer.


Then I can drop a few "modern" items in there, and fill out some of the remaining missing bed and chair options. Though even then I think I probably still won't have enough room, but I really don't think the food items are necessary here.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024 - 01:45

Posting this update real quick before I go to bed tonight.


First up, its the updated exterior 4-season tilesets:


I included some assets I was going to add into the interior, but which I felt like also worked on the exterior, too, like the smithy which can sometimes be seen outside in games. I included crates, barrels, and jars here as well, and the campfire I missed. As a bonus I threw in a Christmas tree. My intent with this set is that all four tilesets have the exact same layout, so I can easily update all four at once when any new additions are added, and my passability, autotiles, animations, etc, will all remain the same in Tiled.

This is the most complete so far, as all the animations are done and _most_ of the collision is done, I just need to add a few new collision sets. I think maybe I can add autotiles for the forge walls and bridges, but I need to do some research on that. I think the "edge" autotiles don't require the tiles to be connected to another type of tile, but I need to run those tests first.


All the wall assets were moved to a separate sheet:



I left room here for castle tiles and probably also farmhouse tiles and roofs as well. This is primarily just the exteriors of buildings, so that includes walls, roofs, door frames, pillars, windows, and signs. I wanted to add doors, but I realized it'd be complicated with the animation frames. When doors were handled in RPG Maker they were usually set aside as a "character" type sprite instead, so I figured it'd be best to handled it the same way here rather than including the doors as part of the tileset. (Plus I wouldn't have had room anyway.)

I intended on sticking primarily with the medieval aesthetic, but wound up dropping in the modern "siding" walls anyway. Its possible if we don't have enough room for castles those might get removed later, but for now I think its fine.

I'm not happy with the positioning of the assets right underneath the siding walls, but I don't have any idea where the rest of the stuff will go yet. So I tried to position them just to the right of the walls off to the left (the windows) and the door frames along the right side. The 3-tile gap is so an extra 3-tile wide wall can fit alongside each of the six aesthetic designs, just because that room was there... though tbh, maybe the window awnings could go in those spots instead.



The interior tileset is basically completely full now, no more room for anything else:


I tried to include as much as I could but eventually ran out. I probably didn't need to include ALL the food assets, but I think it makes more sense to have them here than the many, many, many variations of chairs and beds which I didn't think were necessary... I stuck with assets that fit the medieval aesthetic as much as possible.


There's a few more small gaps here and there, but at least one is accounted for. The "sideways screens" only have one palette, so I left room to fill out the rest in that section.



Finally, we have interior flooring, which I filled up with basically all assets available:


I originally was trying to add flooring to the walls/roofing set, but finally opted to split it off into its own set. I figured if nothing else, it might be useful to have autotiles on all the carpets.

Because I dedicated an entire sheet to these assets, I had enough room for everything, so I didn't set in this case to strip out assets that didn't fit the medieval aesthetic. That said, I think most of these would work anyway.


The rugs are kinda odd ones out, but I had some extra space on the bottom and no room in the other, and they're a type of flooring asset, so I threw them in as an extra.



Still working on configuring these in Tiled Map Editor; I won't officially release anything on OGA until that's done, as that's honestly the main purpose of doing all this to begin with. These tilesets aren't useful without that already configured.

Sunday, April 7, 2024 - 13:35

How I'm identifying what's "revised" is "whatever is in ElizyWy's repository":


That being said, if Eliza doesn't get back to working on it, I may include non-Revised assets that are still OGA-BY. That's the main reason why I'm using it to begin with; most of the assets still listed on OGA aren't in OGA-BY.

On the other hand, I'm not using Eliza's character sprites because there's just far more stuff available for ULPC, many of which is also in OGA-BY. I will probably convert Eliza's unique animations to fit the ULPC, though.


It isn't that I'm unwilling to use other assets. Personally speaking I think the licenses aren't saying what people think (my reading is that any assets used in a project or modified must be freely available, but that doesn't extend to the entire game project, similar to bluecarrot's position on this issue). However, I don't want to do something other people are against. So if they think that CC-BY or CC-BY-SA means any game with any assets under those licenses cannot be used in a DRM environment like Steam, console, iOS, etc, I don't want to use those assets if they're not already in OGA-BY. I might use some assets temporarily, such as certain character sprite pieces. I can always replace those later with my own thing, but designing maps is more complicated so I want to be extra cautious with that.


Like I said, I may later include non-Revised assets as long as they're in OGA-BY. But I'd like to wait a bit first before dragging in other stuff and see if Eliza comes back to working on it. Its a complicated project for one person to do so I understand if she's not up for the task. That being said, there's still plenty of assets already there to make a bunch of stuff so its not a big deal.


Anyway, I'll provide an update soon with the split up sheets. I'm trying to leave some room open now for related assets. I already moved the building pieces out of the main sheet.

In Tiled I already have all environment assets (cliffs, water, etc) mapped with collision and animated. So once I finish compiling all these assets I'll probably release the final WIP tilesets. Obviously credits will go to ElizaWy and the older artists who allowed her to license their assets under OGA-BY as well.


I think the final sets of sheets will be:

Environmental Exterior (terrain/water/cliffs/bridges/roads/fences/plants/waterfalls)

  1. Winter (including ice tiles not present in the other layers)
  2. Sprint
  3. Summer
  4. Autumn


  1. Buildings (walls/roofs/columns/windows/doors)
  2. Interior (basically all interior assets, though if I run out of room I may split it into house/castle and dungeon interior)


I'm primarily focusing on medieval/fantasy elements here, so I may not include all assets. Modern aesthetics will be ignored for now (such as modern house siding), but I can do them by request.