Bullet Collection 2 (M484 Games)

Bullet Collection 2 (M484 Games)


Here are some more bullets for you; this is the M484 Games Bullet Collection number 2.

For this set I tried to raise the quality a little bit; aiming for Arcade standards rather than Amiga standards. Although I don't know if that made any real difference in the end lol. But they look quite nice to me. :)

The most notable things here are the 16-way blaster bullets, the spinners and the Gradius inspired ripple beam effects.

And as you can notice I also included some "usage examples" there, which give some cool ideas of how the gfx might be used.

And if you like these and are planning to use them in a shmup, then make sure to also check out the "Lightning Weapon" that I made earlier, it follows the same style:

Attribution Instructions:

These graphics are in the Public Domain.
Attribution is not needed.

But if you wish to give me credit, then you can mention "Master484" as the original author, and maybe also put a link to my website: http://m484games.ucoz.com/

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