Isometric Hero and Heroine

Isometric Hero and Heroine

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Here are the hero and heroine sprites used in Flare:

The scale you see is approximately 32x32px = 1m^2. Shaped appropriately for 64x32px base tiles (those measure 1.5m^2). This means the sprites are approximately 50px tall -- very similar to the scale used in old games like Fallout, Baldur's Gate, and Diablo. The scale is set to also work well for turn-based games (tactics, rogue-likes).

The same basic equipment is given for both genders. Each is in its own layer:

  • Base full-body armor (cloth, leather, steel)
  • Blade weapons (dagger, shortsword, longsword, greatsword)
  • Ranged weapons (slingshot, shortbow, longbow, greatbow)
  • Magic weapons (wand, rod, staff, greatstaff)
  • Shields (buckler, shield)

Each frame of animation is 128x128px (large enough to fit all equipment). Animations are shown in 8 directions.

  • Stance (4 frames)
  • Running (8 frames)
  • Melee Swing (4 frames)
  • Block (2 frames)
  • Hit and Die (6 frames)
  • Cast Spell (4 frames)
  • Shoot Bow (4 frames)

Finally, heads are on a separate layer.

  • Male comes with a short hair, bald, and hood option
  • Female only has one option at the moment

I use Blender 2.49 to create all of these. Blender files attached. Included is a python script that renders the 32-frame animation in 8 directions. Also included is an ImageMagick montage script to combine those 256 images into one sprite sheet.

Additional Credits:

Distressed Leather (used in Leather Armor) by D. Sharon Pruitt (CC-BY)

A few weapons loosely inspired by Naraphim (CC-BY-SA)

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