MV Platformer Male (32x64)

MV Platformer Male (32x64)


A low-res platformer sprite I'm working on for my next project.  Includes three bases (light, dark, undead) with two outfits (light armor and ninja pajamas in three colors) and three head coverings (light/dark hair and a steel helm). Actions:

  • Idle (x1)
  • Standing (x1)
  • Walking (x6)
  • Crouching (x3)
  • High Damage (x2)
  • Low Damage (x2)
  • Crouching Damage (x2)
  • Jumping (x3)
  • Block (Stand, Air, Crouch) (x1)
  • Jab/Punch (Stand, Air, Crouch) (x2)
  • Horizontal Strike (Stand, Air, Crouch) (x3)
  • Vertical Strike (Stand, Air, Crouch) (x4)
  • Air Damage/Falling (x2)
  • KO (x1)

License is CC0 - do as you wish. Feedback or critique is always welcome.

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